Why June SUCKED, and July will RULE!!!

June sucked for several reasons, not just one.

  • Funeral (another friend died.  We had just had a conversation about someone else dying)
  • auto repairs on car
  • accused rental damage
  • burned out at work (manager refuses time off)
  • Nissan needs more repairs
  • crash and burn on the first day of my facilitation (the second day rocked)
  • still no period
  • that whole father situation (See SHAME ON ME blog)

Why July will rock:

  • Hello Harry Potter (book and movie)
  • i am taking a new found interest in myself
  • More cooking and not so much cooking (yes I am going raw)
  • tattoo (I will show later when it heals)
  • Benihanas (spelled so wrong)
  • graduate school here I come
  • building and rebuilding friendships
  • heels
  • internet card for my labtop

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