The Last HP Meme

The Last Harry Potter Meme

This is the last meme that I am going to have before the seventh book comes out,  These are questions that are still swimming in my head.  And this should some up my premonitions.

Where is the rest of Harry’s family?  Sirius says something about his grandfather being nice to him and letting him stay at the house. 

What magical family was Lily Evans from, her family knew of magic.  Her parents seemed to be proud that there was a witch in the family.  I want to say fairies, but I think they are referred to as really small. 

Lily and Snape?  Yes, I know.  But I do think at one point there was something there.

Teachers who will return?  Defense against the dark arts?  I would love for it to be Harry, but  I want to say the memory or portrait of Dumbledore.  Or Neville??  Potions? Maybe that will be Neville.  I just have a feeling Neville will be a professor.  It should be Herbology, but I think that Sprout will be back.  I think Tonks will teach Transfiguration since Minerva is Headmistress.  Plus is would be good to keep some of the Order at Hogwarts.

Trelawney?  Will have other premonitions that will help Harry.

 The Sorting Hat?  The sorting hat will provide some answers to Harry through it’s speech.

Who will get together?  Hermione and Ron (It has been promised), Ginny and Harry (Again), Tonks and Lupin

Major Scenes:  The wedding (Bill and Fleur), the tasks for the horcuxes,  the first week of school, the train ride, Slytherin table (empty),  three meetings of Volde and Harry (The last being the show down)

Dumbledore?  Yes, he is dead!  But he will advice Harry.

Neville?  He will go above and beyond what anyone thinks or could even suggest.  He will kill.

The people who will die protesting Harry (2):  I have this theory that Volde and Harry will meet three times in book 7.  Two times Harry will narrowly escape because two different people will risk and give their lives for him.  These two people are Snape and Wormtail.

R.A.B?  Regulus I think not.  It’s code for something else, it can not be that easy.  B.A.R

Rab bar bra arb abr – yes I believe it is a play on words.  Not what we originally thought, but something more.

Something in Dumbledore’s office is a Horcrux, I know it might be hard to believe but it is. 

Memories?  Will also help HP.  His parents have memories stored?  Who knew you could get memories stored for other people?  Why hasn’t anyone mentioned this?

There will be someone waiting on HP outside Privet Drive.  Help will com from an unlikely place, hello Aunt Petunia.

At the end of the book Harry is still alive, but his scar.  What happened/?  The scar is no more, because Voldemort is no more.  Hello somebody. 

Deaths?  Ron (sorry either him or Hermione), Lupin, Fred or George, Mr. Weasley, Snape, Bellatrix, Malfoy (Draco), Sprout? (Last but not least Lord Voldemort, you go Harry)


2 responses to “The Last HP Meme

  1. What I’d like to see is Cho Chang, who graduated at the end of book 6, come back as a professor. We don’t know what she was good at, but she was in Ravenclaw so she must’ve been smart.

  2. I think Snape is going to die too. Regardless if he’s good or bad (I’m thinking good) it fits with the story and seems most likely.

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