Elle Meme

Questions featured in UNDER WRAPS, page 154 of Elle Magazine.

Describe your style. I would love to say sophisticated, glamorous, sultry, and seductive. But it is more like quirky, plain (classic) and comfortable. I like girl casual.

Who rules in your closet? Almost anything in my size from Target. They have really great designers working for them. It’s just so amazing that they put out such

What’s in your bag? Book light, chocolate honey lip gloss (Warm Spirit), Comb, work journal, pens (gel), Pink glitter compact, wallet, checkbook

Best bargain ever? 85 % off everything at Express

Who’s your favorite artist? I am still looking for one.

Any good luck charms? NO. I do not believe in good luck charms.

Whose closet would you like to raid? J-Lo’s. She dresses so nice most of them time.

Signature scent? Smelling edible. Cookies or fruit.

Vacation destination? Paris or Japan in 2008. I am going to save and take on a hefty vacation.

What are you currently reading? Elle and Essence magazine. Saturday I will be reading Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.

What you would never be caught dead wearing? Bright colors!!!! I am a little to plain Jane.

Signature accessory? Nothing particular.

Who makes your best dressed list? J-Lo, Michelle Trachtewhater, Zoe Salanda

The best outfit you ever wore? I like jeans and high heels, but I have never worn such an outfit.

First big fashion purchase? Dooney and Burke (A friend purchased it for me)

What are you wearing right now? Purple polo with brown pants.


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