This is a list of stuff that I am ashamed of:

  • Trying to eat an ice cream seductively and failing miserable.  Even little squirrels look mortified.
  • Not having a budget.
  • Being too nice!!!  Yeah I said it, I want some edge to me.
  • Wanting to be friends with someone who thinks that I am similar to an amoeba.
  • Romanticizing about someone who just will never be interested. 
  • Obviously liking rejection.  (see previous two bullets)
  • Wanting the world to want me.  Hey who doesn’t.
  • Going to retrieve my Harry Potter book at Midnight tomorrow.
  • Being messy (not figuratively)
  • sleeping in a twin bed
  • Staying at home with my mother and brother
  • How enough is never enough
  • When my emotions flare I am manic
  • being caught up on other people’s opinions
  • I somewhat believe in the American Ideology
  • admitting half the things on this list

Things that I am not ashamed of:

  • my love for life
  • I devote myself to making the world a better place
  • being artistic and creative
  • I am a major planner
  • I consider the details
  • I like the fact that I over-analyze
  •  I read self help books for the fun of it
  • I do prevention work in the public health sector
  • I’m one tough cookie
  • If I fall eight times, I’ll get up nine

2 responses to “Shame

  1. I love this list!! And don’t be ashamed of waiting in line for Harry Potter!! I was in line too and was proud of it. At least we have the sense to wait in line for a book that millions enjoy- that’s clever and well written rather than waiting in line for hours to watch men wrestle each other in rings, or something similar.

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