This morning I came across an article called,”For Twenty-Something’s, Life is like the Cheesecake Factory” by Christine Hassler. It was a really good article, making a comparision of cheesecake to life. The over all point was that “the twenty something experience is full of limitless options and choices with no guarntees and constant opportunities for comparison.”

So what do you do when you are faced with so many options?

1) You don’t have to read the entire menu

You need to ask yourself three questions: 1. Where do you want to live? 2. Who do I know whose job sounds interesting and appealing? 3. What industry is something that I am interested in reading about in my spare time?

2) Decide on your order

Resist asking for others opinions and remember that it is all about you.

3) Don’t compare your dish to others.

Everyone has a different path

4) Enjoy your meal

Sometimes you have to get a job that is not really you to get one later on that is you.


2 responses to “Cheesecake=Career

  1. I like that analogy. It seems to fit rather well.

  2. Yeah and the analogy tends to hold true for cheesecake and careers. 🙂

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