Day 19 – P.U.S.H

Intention: Pray Until Something Happens

Yes, my intention is to pray more. I almost flipped out on my supervisor today. For just cause. I had to go to Human Resources this morning, because a co-worker strongly suggested it. It was not my idea, but I could not help it. I broke down, showed my weakness. I wish I was like (laugh) Professor Snape who is hard and cold. Void of all emotions except iciness, but that’s no way to live. Stuff happens, it just seems worse when it happens to you. Human Resources is giving me until close of business today to work it out with him, I will try. Getting myself into scrapes seems so much easier than getting out.
What did he do?

1. He talks down to the department. Yes, he does. Talking down does not bother me, but he tends to raise his voice as he does it. My mother doesn’t even yell at me. This isn’t baseball or some recreational sport. I do not need anyone to yell at me in a demeaning way.

2. I feel like he wants to hit me or throw something at me. Today he asks me to move something off the desk, I say okay. Within less than two minutes he comes back and drops the stuff on the floor of my cubicle. Yes, and I was like what the hell.

3. He has an attitude with me. I do not know what it is all about. I am known for being clumsy and having a series of unfortunate events. So for him to have an attitude with me is appalling.

4. I think he wants me fired. I am the only person who has not been hired by him.

Any way as my intention states let me pray.


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