What Ever Happen to Baby Me?

I went digging through my past today.  I was off from work and I decided I wanted my records from school.  Because in elementary school I saw a counselor and I do not know what for.  A couple of years ago my mother told me the school thought she beat me, because I did not interact and was withdrawn from the other kids.  Mind you I have always been an observer.  At home I talked a lot but at school I never opened my mouth.  I was silent weird kid who was an artist.  I just want to know what the school wrote and their prespective on the whole situation.  Hence why I went to look for my records. 

I have to wait two months before I know anything from the school.  If they have something or not?  They might not even have it in my records.  I think that is right foul, they should keep everything and remove nothing.  Everyone has a past and sometimes people need that past to get through the future.  I am so torn over this.  I am still me though.  I love my being and my life right now.


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