Hey NOW !!!!!!

Hey.  It’s been an interesting October.  I think my hormones are finally stable, thank God.  I am in a consitant mood for more than a milliasecond.  How had October been interesting? 

Work– program assistant quit, so now someone has to cover phones.  For the most part that has been me.  Then my other co worker in my department was out sick (yes, for the whole week).  Someone has been on mt booty and I am ready to move into my own office.  Ready.  I worked seven days straight!!!  Horrible and I am not proud to say that some of it was un called for.  We have a lot of events in October!!!

Halloween–  My mother is throwing a party at her house.  Which is cool I quess, but she wants me to help. I am like yicks.  But it will be fine.  My costume was not what I originally planned.  But I am happy with the outcome.  I am going to be an angel.  Yes.  I love dressing in white to, who would have guessed it.  The only thing that I am worried about is that I have to wear this costume to two events.  Lets pray it holds up.  I also want some bigger wings.

Friends– I have not talked to H and our show is back on.  I hopw that she is ok.  Still talking to J and M, which is really cool.  I like talking to all my friends.


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