I am feeling sick to my stomach

I went and saw the DL Chronicles last night.  It was disturbing.  It was about this man named boo who mooched off his mother and what I can assume is his long term girlfriend.  While mooching he sleeps with almost the whole neighboorhood both men and women from around the way.  I think that writers tried to justify his behavior.  It really pissed me off  I would hope that Boo was more dimentional than that.  Maybe I was scared because a lot of men both straight and gay are like that.

I saw Why Did I Get Married.  I loved Jill Scott, she was really good in this movie.  Jill made the movie with an Oscar award winning performance.  Tyler Perry did good, because I have not been a fan of his.  Even though I did not like the fact he was an actor in this movie.  Every time I see his face I think of Medea, which makes me mad because Medea puts out a bad image for black women.  It’s hard to break stereotypes put forth by the Medea.  And black women are still being potrayed as sex objects, mamas (who don’t have sex?), or men like.  Thinks Perry for having real women in this movie and not a man in a bad wig.

I want to go home and get in the bed, but I cannot.  I have to hold up until tonight.

Tonight is Wenesday night.  My friend cooks and other people come over his place.  We watch America’s Next Top Model, Gossip Girl, and Dirty Sexy Money.  Everything is great, I am so going after work.


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