Ideas for Memoir Writing

23 Ways I am going to motivate myself during writers block for my memoir writing.

1.       Doodle

2.       Create a soundtrack of my life

3.       Make notes during the day

4.       Create a life vision board

5.       Mind mapping

6.       Make a list of top ten worst moments of my life

7.       Make a list of the top ten best moments of my life

8.       Make a list of things I love

9.       Explore different views and perceptions

10.   Brainstorm

11.   Look at old journal entries

12.   Write about my dreams

13.   Write about the goals

14.   Describe and explain my family

15.   Do something out of character

16.   Read other’s blogs

17.   Read over others memoirs

18.   Write about a fear

19.   Complete:  I will always remember. . .

20.   Start  outlining my life

21.   List things I learned from my mother

22.   List things that I learned from my father

23.   Life lessons that I have had


4 responses to “Ideas for Memoir Writing

  1. I’m glad you want to do memoirs of your life. At least one of us has interesting things to put in a book.

  2. Yo man, bro! I need to write a memoir and this is all i need DAWG! yo! MONSTER TRUCKS! FOOTBALL! YO! ya dig what im saying fo-SHIZZle?! yo?

  3. I like to throw up on people’s feet

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