The Past

I am not one to forget where I came from or the people who helped me get to the place where I am at.  I am living in the past, when I need to be living in the present.  I went through the McDonalds window last night, and I peeped through.  All I saw was me slaving there for so many years.  It brought back all the struggles that I had.  I brought back the people that I knew, the people that I had lost.  I want them back.  I want them in my life and I know that their memories live on in me.  I want to back in college and hanging out with my best friend talking about nothing.  I know thatmy past cannot be repeated, but I cannot figure out why I am holding on to it.  I want the feeling, the people, and the experience.  I do feel like I was a stronger person then, that I could handle more.  Even though I think I was a mess then too.  (I laugh) 

From this moment I promise myself that I will not live in the past.  I will live in the now, life is short.  You have to live for yourself.  This reminds me of the Rent Song, “Not Day But Today.”

There’s only us

There’s only this

Forget regret

Cause life is yours to live

No over the way

No other road

No day but today

At least that’s how I rememebered the lyrics, so if they’re wrong I’m sorry.

2 responses to “The Past

  1. I get this. It’s funny, I think back to university days and sigh with happiness. My mind skims over the exams, the heartbreaks, the budgeting and fixates only on the late night parties, the staying up late watching bad tv with the best roomie ever, the sense of freedom of finally being on my own. I long for those days, but I try and remember that I can’t repeat them. Even if I tried, I am different, the timing is wrong. The best thing I can do for my sanity, is look forward and try to take in everything that one day I will be missing.

  2. Thanks. I know I’m not the same person either.

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