La Dolce Vita 11-21

La Dolce Vita has wrote a lot of things today.  And I just cannot believe how in love with this blog I am.  Not to mention I think I’m being thoroughly dissed through her blog, because she doesn’t post my comments.  I still hunger for more of this blog.  Here are some of things she wrote about today:

1.       What does happiness mean to me?

To me happiness is being creative, learning, and living.  As long as I embody one or all of those things than I will be happy.

2.       She asks for life lessons (here are mine): 1) Learn from your mistakes 2) Never compromise being yourself

3.       Tip of the Day: Choose Your Role Models Wisely

4.       Second Tip of the Day:  You have the Rights to Your Life

·         The life you are living is yours. ·         No one else has the power or control over it and you do not have to build your legacy according to anyone elses’ blueprint. ·         Take advice from people with a grain of salt and follow advice only of those who have achieved the kind of outcome you are looking to achieve. If someone has the kind of job, relationship, social network or lifestyle that appeals to you, by all means, follow suit (as long as they achieved it honorably) but if your miserable Aunt Ida is dishing out extra helpings of a life plan, you might want smile, wrap it in a napkin and feed it to the dog while she’s not looking. This of course is a different story if she’s trying to get you to learn from her mistakes.·         The world is full of all kinds of advice and opinons–billions of them, and guess what? 98% of them won’t suit you.

5.       Add a little spice to your life. Here are her suggestions:

·         Wear Something Slinky Under Your Sweats It’s you’re own little saucy secret.·         Sleep in the nude: Preferably on super-soft or silky sheets.·         Role Play With Someone Special: Dress up like a nurse, fireman or whatever else and enjoy a fantasy-come-to-life (just do not do anything that makes you feel uncomfortable and have a code-word to let your partner know if you want things to stop).·         Try a Sexy and Spicy New Cuisine– Preferably something you eat with your hands. Moroccan, Ethiopian and Middle Eastern foods are fab!·         Get Your Groove On! Dancing gets you in-tune with your body and it’s a heck of a lot of fun! Do it at home, at a lounge, in a club-wherever! Oh and who cares what you look like, having fun that is what matters!·         Go Wine Tasting- I, for one, think it’s one sexy afternoon date. So there.


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