Thankful (2007 version)

I am thankful for. . .

  • Having a job, because some people are not lucky or furtunate enough to find one
  • Every breath that I took this year, life in general
  • Finding a higher connection with God
  • HaggenDaz
  • my mother finding patience and being more patient with me
  • renewed friendships
  • Finding advice in unlikely places
  • Losing twelve pounds this year, yeah me
  • Target, my heaven on earth and the Starbucks within them 🙂
  • that people read my blog, because I do not know what I would do if no one read anything I put out there
  • the color pink.  I just love that color, in decent amounts
  • magazines- oh how I love Elle, Glamour, Essence, Marie Claire, Cosmo Girl (Yes, even CosmoGirl)
  • Disney movies are making a comeback.  Hello, Enchanted.  I must see this movie, simply must.
  • Lists, which without I might never blog
  • Finding a little more of myself on this journey
  • Elizabeth Gilbert, who wrote an amazing book which helped me out on my spiritual journey
  • Stephenie Meyers, because I did not think their would be reading after Harry Potter
  • Snape was good, because I don’t know how I would have handled it if were bad.  really i don’t.
  • To kickball referring, because it showed me how hard it was to be fair and make decisions based on fairness.

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