Working Day and Night

I am so tired right now, we’ve (at work) have been having back to back community events.  It has been an experience but I am tired and my throat is starting to hurt.  I drinking lots of fluids though, I can’t afford to get sick until next year (that’s when my next 120 hours kicks in).

I am going to go home and rest.  I wanted to rent a movie to watch but I just want to go rest in the bed.


2 responses to “Working Day and Night

  1. Hope you don’t get sick!!!! Take some Airborne!

  2. Ack, the GRE! How much do you hate it? I did the writing portion a couple months ago and will be doing the Verbal & Quantitative in June or July or something stupid – they only offer that bit twice a year in Hong Kong, how retarded is that?? Should really begin memorizing more vocab…haha

    Anyway, take lots of Vitamin C, and I hope you feel better soon!!!

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