La Dolce Vita 12-06-07

Here are some of the things I got from La Dolce Vita blog today.

1.       You don’t have to stay attached to bad people. 

2.       You are not a victim.  I think I have to remind myself that.  I am here for myself and I have friends who are here for me.  I just have to figure out if I want to change it because sulking and wallowing in it is not an option.

3.       You are worthy– Of happiness, success, love, respect, and friendship. 

4.       Low-Cost, High Maintenance: try a new look (I am going to subtly try to wear makeup), polish my shoes, lotion up after showers or baths, iron clothes or pop them in the dryer.

5.       Ways to polish up a bit: Make a to-do list, write down a goal a month, get a mentor, get a planner (which I have, but it’s too bulky.  So I am going to get a smaller one in 2008), and know your triggers so you can get past them.


One response to “La Dolce Vita 12-06-07

  1. Great lessons there! Thanks for your visit in my blog and comment! 🙂

    Happy December!

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