January’s Monthly Goals (Part 1/2)

I got these from Cosmo.  There is a disclaimer to this.  I have never been a fan of trying things outside my comfort zone.  Cosmo is outside my comfort zone.  I never thought of it as a magazine for me.  But now I think I want to be a cosmo girl (not the teen version), but a cosmo woman.  I’m calling this the cosmo challenge

Things I am trying this month is:

  • planning the vacation of my dreams for 2008
  • banish evil feelings
  • be a better cook

One response to “January’s Monthly Goals (Part 1/2)

  1. I used to love Cosmo but recently I’ve become more of a Self/Glamour girl. Cosmo to me i feel is more geared toward the Single laydieezzz. me? Not so single anymore!

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