I Have Never Ever. . .

Michelle in the City http://michelle-and-the-city.blogspot.com/2008/01/never-have-i-ever.html had this meme on her blog called Never Have I Ever, about things of course that she has never done. 

I have never:

  • Smoked pot.  Everyone has a story.  Not to say I want a pot story, I just never done it.
  • Eaten a snickers. I don’t eat peanuts.  I have no desire to eat one either.
  • Made a sex tape.  No comment
  • Been to Paris.  I want to go desperately. I want to see life threw rose colored glasses.
  • Seen E.T.  I am going to try and watch it this year.
  • Been to a house party.  My youth is dangling
  • Had a one night stand. I don’t care to either.

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