Grad School is a GO

I have decided to apply to graduate school.  I now I have been saying this forever, but I am just going to jump into it.  My undergraduate grades are awful and mt GRE score less than perfect.  I have great recommendations and loads of experience.  Plan B, if I don’t get accepted I will apply the following year and take classes geared toward nursing and then try again and again.  Until they finally let me in.


2 responses to “Grad School is a GO

  1. I’m in somewhat the same position. Minus the recomendations…Don’t have those yet.
    Go for it! Best of luck!

  2. Good luck! (I hate the GREs…took the written a few months ago and have to take the verbal & quantitative in June…don’t ask me why they don’t have the testing dates closer together!!)

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