Mode, Mood, Whatever

My vacation joy is officially over and I did not stay up watching Heroes season one last night.  Hopefully Felicity (Disc 2 and 3) are in the mailbox.  I was not a fan of the show while it was on, but one day I was like I want to watch Felicity.  Hence I added on to my netflixs.  I think I am at the point that she was in the show, minus the two hot guys being after me. 

My room is a disaster area. 

Work.  Oh what can I say about work.  It’s ova.  Yes over (for those who did not get ova)  I am full speed ahead with graduate school and finding a new job.  I was going to focus all my energy on getting into school but I changed my mind.  I need to focus on both. 

I have been extremely tired lately.  I was not that tired in California or was I?  I did sleep over eight hours every-night. 

Looking forward to: Graduate school, moving, something new. New York, Europe, art


2 responses to “Mode, Mood, Whatever

  1. Good luck for grad school, are you going to do it part time?

  2. Thanks. My plan is to go fulltime and work.

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