My Ideal Wardrobe

  • knee length wool coat
  • jacket with a matching skirt and pants
  • work dress
  • black boot cut pants
  • a-line skirt
  • jeans
  • cardigan
  • white shirt (which I have plenty of)
  • black pumps
  • black suit
  • black dress
  • trendy skirt
  • v-neck sweater
  • 3 perfect tees
  • a clutch
  • blazer
  • leather tote
  • everyday purse (have several)
  • flats
  • dressy jeans
  • silver hoops
  • black merino sweater
  • trendy jacket
  • metallic pump
  • grey slacks
  • black skirt

Should there be anything else on this list?


2 responses to “My Ideal Wardrobe

  1. I’m gonna mke a list like this :$

  2. This is cute…I’m “tagging” myself and doing the same 🙂

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