Orange Mint and Honey Book Review

 The book:  Orange Mint and Honey    by Carleen Price

  • I found Shay (the main character) and me had a lot of similarities
  • Price touched on a lot of issues concerning black mothers and their daughters (i.e being a single, different lifestyles, and education status)
  • The story felt realistic
  • The book made me question some resentment I had in my own life with my mother
  • Both Shay and I are 25
  • Both of our mothers got pregnant when they were young
  • Shay and I are both into Public Health field
  • I love the quote that adult is “. . . telling the truth about your feelings.”
  • Another quote I love was , that saying your fine translate into, “. . . feeling insecure. neurotic, and emotional.”

One response to “Orange Mint and Honey Book Review

  1. I wish I was coming to Atlanta!!! But so far…no plans. Thanks for the review!! It means a lot to me that someone in similar shoes related to Shay.

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