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True to the core, you’re adored for being both good-natured and caring. In fact, when it comes to friends, you’re the gold standard — the one everyone comes to for advice, perspective, and plain old good times. Truth is, people just like having you around. Must be something about your solid disposition that everyone finds so appealing. Or maybe it’s the fact that you show your true colors so people know you’re the real deal

Regardless, it’s not surprising that you mix so well in so many situations — from large get-togethers, to one-on-one time. Whatever your goals, you aim high while keeping your feet firmly planted on the ground. Overall, the people in your life trust you because you are willing to give straight advice and honest feedback. With your pleasant approach, and drive to find excitement in even the littlest things, it’s no wonder you’re the apple of so many eyes.


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