Brand New

For the record I feel brand new now.

Friday night I went out with a friend (we shall call her PB).  PB recently got married and pregnant within the last three months though not in that order.  Which is fine who am I to judge.  But another good friend of hers which I do not care for (we will call her Tiff), is also pregnant.  You do not know Tiff like I know Tiff.  She all attention seeking and energy draining.  For weeks I thought I would have to protect PB’s child because Tiff is just that single white female.  But now all of a sudden she is with bun too.  It’s just freaky and weird.  The worst part is that PB does not see anything wrong with this.

I picked another great place for a celebration, Raging Burrito (in Decatur).  It was a surprise dinner for a good friend of mine.  The dinner and company was great.  It was mostly people from work but he appreciated it.  The evening seemed to be prefect until a huge roach came down the wall.  Needless to say the dinner was over. LOL.


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