I just found out my ex is offically engaged.  WOW!!  Not to say that I want to be engaged to him, because I don’t.  But I am just so blah about the matter.  He actually bought her a ring and everything.  Everyone is getting married.  Not that I even want to get married because I don’t.  At least not right now I don’t.  Why does everyone have to grow up.  I feel like I am stuck in the same place I was two years ago.

Anyway, I will chat about this later.


4 responses to “WOW

  1. It’s always a little unnerving when other people around you seem to be moving on! Exes, friends, family, whoever. Take your time 😉

  2. I had the same reaction when I found out that my ex was engaged & having a baby. I wasn’t jealous (I am married to the love of my life who treats me like a queen) but it made me feel…weird. Almost like… a big “yickk.” You are not alone. :]

  3. Thanks.

    I am over hi

  4. It could be worse… you could never have been asked out on a date in your life and therefore not have an ex who is engaged. Think about it!

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