Needless to say (esp. of you read the prior post) I feel screwed.  Yes, Screwed!  I feel that I screwed my life up and it’s just screwed up.

I am cramping and upset.

By some random act of delusion my mother forgot to pay the electric bill and is on vacation.  Ga Power will not give me any information about her bill.  I spent last night and this morning in the dark.  Had I been a more organized person I would know where all my clothes were and would have been able to get dressed without a problem.  Now I look like I got dressed in the dark.  I had to curl my hair at my desk.

I got crabby with a co worker and I am sure he is going to ignore me for the rest of the day.  Sure of it.

I am tired of drama.  I am tired of friends who care more about their melodramatic days than helping friends.  I can understand people have their own issues but come on.  There are issues life presents you with and there are issues you create.  Most of my friends create their issues.  I won’t go into depth but arhhhhh.

Work is beyond work.  Everyone is tired from the art auction we hosted on Saturday, even though the agency was closed yesterday.

I really need to keep track of my money.  I need to be in control of my money.  In this instance I have screwed myself several times.  Nothing in the bank.  And I am so disappointed in myself.  I have saved money before, hundreds of dollars.  Why is it so hard to save money now?  Royally screwed,

As always I will take any advice offered.


One response to “Screwed

  1. Oh hon, I don’t have any advice, but pick yourself up, think optimistically, sit down and work things out and just take your time. I hope things get better for you soon. ❤

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