Coping Techniques

Below is a list of distractions for when I am in a crappy mood.

  1. Do puzzles
  2. journal and/or blog
  3. volunteer
  4. Count backwards from a hundred
  5. Squeeze a stress ball
  6. Keep a copy of my favorite saying with me
  7. plan something
  8. clean the bathtub then take a bath
  9. read
  10. exercise (yelp)

Relation Plan

  1. listen to music
  2. Swallow ice
  3. drink tea, water, or juice
  4. hot shower
  5. wear comfortable clothes
  6. look at a serene picture
  7. read a passage from my favorite book
  8. deep breathing
  9. guided imaging
  10. tighten muscles and then let go

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