Work is boring today.  A couple of people came in, but besides that I am entering data into an online database.  Which is not beneath me, but I do more data entry and paper work than prevention work. LOL.  At least the air is on now!!! Yeah us.

Tonight is a major television night for me.  Gossip Girl, The Hills (Finale), The Paper!!!!  I miss Greek but I will catch up on it later.

Gossip Girl Questions:

Did Serena really kill someone?  I think Sarah/George did it!!!  Hello SarahGeorge drugs people and things?

Jenny cannot be giving up her alter ego Little J?  Can she?

I am glad the original Queen B is back?  You rock Blair!!

The Hills

Is Spencer and Heidi that pathetic to still be spreading rumors about Lauren?  Get a LIfe!  No really get a life!

Lauren you can have more than one good friend at a time?

Lo don’t conform to be on the show?  We loved you before you became a regular!!

Audrina leave JustinBobby alone!!  Really he looks dirty.  Is the sex that good?

The Paper

Amanda don’t be scared to be you!  It got you editor of the paper didn’t it?

Adam I love you. 

Alex you are killing me.  What’s the real reason you dislike Amanda so much?  IS it because you looovvvveee her?  Because it translate on screen.


One response to “Bored

  1. is the paper good? i’ve been meaning to check it out.

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