Happenings 2

  • mother got offended when i gave her money
  • over heard my mother on the phone saying that she should kick us out and we don’t pay rent
  • was mad about both situations
  • Decided not to go out with family for breakfast because of the conversation
  • Aunt highly suggeseted i go and i went with her
  • Saw the Dreams lose to the Sparks
  • mother made me mad by asking me where i was going.  I was being nonchalant and she got mad.  My Aunt told her it was not that serious.

In summary of the days events I think it would be best if I move.  I cannot take all this mellow drama.  I already feel bad about living at home and I am offering to pay some kind of rent but it’s crazy.  Now I have a car note.  I still think I am going to look for a roommate for the Fall.  I am still applying to grad school so hopefully I will only need a year lease.

Advice and comments always welcomed.


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