Almost Does Count

I am planning the best summer ever,  I am going to be the best me ever.  And I am going to have fun.  No more tense girly woman.  Life is too short.

Tonight I have plans to go to a birthday dinner for a guy at work.  It has promise.  The resturant is decent and the company isn’t too shabby.

Sex and the City was awesome last night.  I wish I would have dressed up and made a big thang out of it.

My phone is off due to me not paying the bill.  It’s a huge bill, like five hundred all together.  Crazy.  More than my car payment.  But I am waiting for my check from the dealership to turn it back on.  I get paid on Wednesday which could make for it coming back on too.  And I have to pay my citation for failure to yield.  This from a girl who was told during her drivers test that she waited for other people too much. 

I also found a summer fling.  I am excited by the prospects.


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