Breaking Dawn Notes

So I have read the preface or first chapter of Breaking Dawn.  It left a lot to the imagination, part of me wish I would have waited out the teaser but curiosity got the best of me.  Any way here are the conclusions I am drawing for the book,  You can say it’s mixed with predictions.  Oh and by the way the cover for the book is the odd man out of the four.

The queen is the most powerful piece of the chess set.  On the cover of Breaking Dawn the Queen is white/cream.  Usually the Queen starts off on a white square on the book she is on a black square.  White is a symbol for purity. 

Not a traditional chess game because the pawn is red.  There are no red tiles, and it is lying on a black tile.  Pawn is taken to mean one who is easily manipulated.  Also a pawn is the most common piece in chess and the weakest piece.  Red can symbolize strong emotions and it could represent life and vitality. 

Red and white together symbolizes happiness and celebrations.

Breaking Dawn was inspired by two books, one which has yet to be disclosed and A Midsummer’s night dream.

Bella is about to get killed by the person she loves the most.  Her going to a happy place is her compensating for something that is stressing her out, Jacob Black.  For her to dream of Edward in her happy place is to say she wants to qualities he has.  Hence she wants to be a vampire, because she wants to be unbreakable and strong. 



The difficulties of love

Including the dark side of love, there is going to be another person introduced into the love triangle making it way off balance.  Bella loves Edward.  Edward loves Bella.  Jacob loves Bella.  So and so loves  Jacob. All sort of things can arise when there is an imbalance of love.


Dreams have always been overpowering to Bella.



4 responses to “Breaking Dawn Notes

  1. I don’t know anything about chess so you interpretation is very interesting. I was thinking the white was related to the cold hard vampire and the red to human blood. What do you supposed the extended “k” means?
    I an eagerly awaiting August 2!

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I haven’t read the first chapter of Breaking Dawn yet. I think I’ll just wait till I can read the whole book. 🙂

  3. wow! thank you so much! i’ve been very curious as to what the cover art might symbolize, i really did enjoy your interpretation, very interesting. thank you so much (:

  4. hmmm….idk wat to say too much peer pressure!!!!

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