Voices from God

I am one of those people who believe in signs.  And I know God was trying to get a message to me today.  It’s no secret that I battle with depression.  Today I believe I got two messages from God to release the anger and resentment toward others and myself.

#1 While at the mall someone I barely knew asked what was wrong with me and I said nothing.  And then that person said with time it would be alright.  I think I needed that.  That person did not have to speak to me at all but that was a good message I received,

#2 I was aimlessly looking at MySpace pages when I came across a page from someone who I had college classes with.  She looked different.  I proceeded to read her blog posting and her story was so inspiring.  A lot of things I did not know about her she put into her blog.  When we were in school she was in an abusive relationship and obsessed.  Now two years, seventy pounds later she is pursuing her goal of teaching.  WOW!

Both messages were surprising but both were well received.


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