Me Feast 2008

I do not have to be at work until tomorrow night.  I was going to see Get Smart but I changed my mind.  I want rent some cheap flicks (a dollar a piece) and eat junk food.  I am going to lay on the couch and do my hair, since I decided not to get it done until next week.  Whoa is me.  I want hot wings, cake, and sparkling punch.  The big whoa is I have to conduct an HIV 101 for young men at a church.  I haven’t done an HIV 101 in years, so it will be different.  The church doesn’t even want us to bring condoms.  Kids that go to church don’t have sex.  My mother went to church and she had me at 16 years old.  A six teen year old is a baby!  Who am I to judge I am 26 still acting like a baby.


One response to “Me Feast 2008

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