Summer Plans

A change in my 26 things to do this summer.  Since I streaked my hair before the summer a friend suggested i remove it.  And I cannot give up tv, maybe limit the amount.

  1. Wear make-up to work
  2. Remove clutter from bedroom
  3. Finish 7 books
  4. Try Morrocan Food
  5. Learn conversation Spanish
  6. Exercise 30 minutes a day
  7. Have a summer fling
  8. Go to Sugar Hill
  9. Have a Spa Day
  10. Vacation alone
  11. Go to a music festival
  12. Go to a sports bar
  13. Drink during the day
  14. Finish graduate school applications
  15. Finish career portfilio
  16. Buy sexy underwear
  17. Try out for Mensa
  18. Go to the Starlight drive in
  19. Cook more
  20. Complete GRE summer schedule
  21. Add three pieces to my wardrobe
  22. Start a beauty regimen
  23. Fill a sketchbook
  24. I will not turn down any social invitation
  25. Turn off my cellphone for an entire day
  26. Be honest to myself

One response to “Summer Plans

  1. So I’ve started reading your blog b/c I noticed that you added me to your blogroll … and I just wanted to let you know, that I really enjoy it! Your blog that is … not me being on the blogroll 😉 Of course I’m just a sucker for a good list.

    I especially enjoyed your summer list … these are my thoughts: drinking during the day is a completely different experience than going out at night; does Mensa cost money? (I should just start claiming I’m a member); I find it (or the thought of it at least) liberating to disconnect myself from the world i.e. no cellphone, gmail, or facebook.

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