Chuck Bass

Hear me out.  I had a dream last night that i was married to chuck Bass.  He truly loved me and I was head over heels for him.  We were great, he even gave me start up capitol for my own business.  Everything was great.  His father even tried to ruin our marriage by saying I was cheating, which was proven false.  Eventually we got pregnant and I found him cheating one me with the maid.  I left him.  He claimed he still loved me, but I couldn’t be with him.  I had the baby and remained focused on my business.  Chuck would not grant me a divorce, extinguished my business, and took our child.  All I cared about was our daughter.  He wouldn’t let me see her.  Finally I get a message to come to the penthouse where we lived, where he gave me a option of getting back together with him.  I refused but he dangled our daughter as bait.  I decided to stay and he made things worse.  He forced me to be with him and I got pregnant again.  That’s when I woke up. 


4 responses to “Chuck Bass

  1. wow what a dream… I happen to think that he is kinda sexy in a bad naughty boy way..but what an asshole! lol

  2. I thought it was funny. I couldn’t believe I married him, if even in my dreams. LOL

  3. That should be a lesson 2 ya, leave tha gay men alone……..

  4. who r u? (hot2death) lol. Do u know me?

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