Tired and Cramping

Yep, it’s official I am on the sick and shut in list.  I do not feel well, but I am still at work.  I don’t think my boss will let me go home.  I am so drained.  I am staying hydrated though and I am keeping my negative thoughts down.  Did I mention I have been drinking a lot of water?  Well, I have.

This weekend is going to be so much fun.  Breaking Dawncomes out Friday.  I get my hair done Saturday and I am going out with a friend (whose baby shower I am planning).  I hope to finish the book by Sunday.

Can a girl get a piece of caramel cake and some coffee?!


2 responses to “Tired and Cramping

  1. aww feel better soon! and go home! I wouldn’t be at work if I was sick~!

  2. Thanks! I just don’t think my boss willlet me go, or else I would be on the sofa at home passed out. Thanks, again!

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