Into the Future

Where do I see myself in five years:

  • First of all, I’ll be 31 years old.  Yuck.  Okay double yuck.
  • Finished with my Masters in Public Health
  • Able to travel more around the world
  • I don’t see kids, just yet.  But I do think I would make an excellent Auntie or Godmother to some.
  • Hopefully in a committed relationship with a gorgeous, talented, and intelligent man
  • My car would be paid off
  • Sleeping in a queen size bed
  • I would host brunches and dinner parties

3 responses to “Into the Future

  1. yeah in five years, my car better be paid off too! thats a great list!

  2. 31 is not old.hehe
    goodluck… I hope i could
    have my own car too in 5yrs,LOL!

  3. ohmigosh, i want the queen sized bed too!

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