The Shower from the East Side

I am planning a friends baby shower and today I got a message from her saying to cut the food.  That he mother in law and aunt would cook.  Which is not a problem and it does but cost.  But I was thinking that finger foods would be better.  There isn’t room for a sit down dinner.   And I just do not want this to be a house party and then a baby shower.  I want it to be nice but I can slowly see it spiraling out of control.

I have decided to take a step back and chill.  Everything will come out the way it’s suppose to.  Ghetto or not.  Her husband is inviting his frat brothers.  I can see the card table coming out and it just being plain ghetto.  And in my vision that is not a baby shower.  I say pull back, thank God I only have a month to go before this is all over.  If you have any words of wisdom please comment.


2 responses to “The Shower from the East Side

  1. no words of wisdom from me but I just wanted to say that it will all work out!

  2. Ghetto “Fabolous!”

    Yes! I spelled it like that on purpose.

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