Stuff I am into Now

·         Television.  There are about a million shows that I want to watch.  My friends think I have gone mental sitting in front of the television every day.

·         Ginger Lemonade.  Heard about it from the Hills.  I made it and it’s pretty good, though it’s not something I would or could drink every day.  I think it kept me up last night.

·         Reevaluating myself.  (Professionally and Socially)

·         Coffee

·         Lifestyle change.  I am taking my health unto my own hands.

·         Part time job.  It’s a good way to meet people and make extra money.  I don’t think I can do fast food again. 

·         Cooking.  Last night I cooked beef stew.  It was pretty tasty though the vegetable melt in your mouth, literally.

·         Going to Philly to present at a summit.  I think it’s going to work out pretty well.

·         Sex and the City the Movie.  What Happens in Vegas.  Love those two movies.

·         I am rereading Breaking Dawn.  And I have started dabbling in fan fiction about Reneesme and Jacob.  None have been too vulgar.  And I read Midnight Sun, which Stephenie Meyers posted on her page after it leaked.  I enjoyed Edwards perspective of the story, it made him seem less neurotic and creepy (Even though I was always on Team Edward).


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