My Spiritual Purge

Things I repent this past year

·         Caring what others think.  It’s ok to take others opinions in concern but it’s not ok t live your life trying to please others.  I am going to fight and win this battle over caring what others think.

·         Gluttony.  Over eating.  Over spending.  Trying to run from what I was feeling or numb it with food or things.  I will embrace m emotions and cut down on the spending and eating.

·         Being content.  One should always strive to be the best person he or she can be.  Over the past year I haven’t been doing that.  I have let things happen to me instead of controlling my destiny and my life.  And then whining about it and not doing anything to change it.

·         Sustaining in filth.  Letting clutter and stuff rule my life.  I am better than that and I need to work harder to be more organized and less messy.


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