U can’t have my happiness

I like the work I do, which is educating people on the risks of HIV and AIDS.  The people I work with can be demanding and insecure.   I know wherever you work you have to co exist with the people you work with.  The agency I work for is less than fifteen people which make a difference from fifteen hundred.  No I would not like to get lost in a crowd of co workers but at times I can’t manage my emotions around them.

 I know you are in control of your own emotions.  But it’s draining dealing with them daily.  The issues aren’t my clients but my co workers.  And I know I should look at myself and not at other people.  Meaning not to take over people’s issues.  I hate conflict for one and not being in control.  In time this stuff will blow over and it will be contentment.  I am tired of these men thinking they could just run over me because I am a woman.  So not the case.  You do not want to get on my list for real because I will bury you.  I won’t stop until you are down and everyone is wondering what happened.  Vindictive, yes.  Outrageous, just a tad.  Dramatics, that is so me.

I am an over analyzer.  This translates into a worrier. 

I am going to fight for my happiness because it’s not given out on silver platters at home or work.

Ten things that make me happy:

1.       Coffee.  Loves the bean

2.       Journals- I love opening the fresh pages of a journal, it’s like a new beginning.

3.       Magazines- they hold my dreams and fantasies.  Not to mention they are exotic. 

4.       Watching girly movies- Example: The Wedding Date, Sabrina, Breakfast at Tiffany’s

5.       Really observing people who don’t know I am observing

6.       Creating

7.       Listing- it releases stress and tension

8.       Showers- who doesn’t feel good after one

9.       Reading a good book

10.   Daydreaming about the man of my dreams

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