Does it go back to High School?

It’s no secret that somethins in my life needs to change.  Right now I am feeling down.  I don’t know if its my hormones are soething mental but I know it’s something.  I would love some reassurance that everything is going to be alright.  Which turns me to fate and beliveing that everything is going to be alright.  My life isn’t manifesting.  My life has slowly haulted after graduating college.  Two years in a rut and the real me has resurfaced.

The me that came was born in high school.  The me that thinks life will never be fair.

The light bulb went off. LOL.

Let me explain I was reading an article about insecurity which someone said I was.  This person really doesn’t know me but read me like a book.  I don’t think that it’s becaue me and this person belong to gether, I think anyone can read insecurity on someone.  It’s like the skunk in the room.  I reek of insecurity more times than not.

Well when I was just typing I thought to myself when did I become insecure.  It was in high school when I was having a lot of coming to age issues.   I am not the girl whose mouth is falling apart.  I am not the girkl who would just not stand up for herself, I was that girl last year.  I am not going to be that girl ever again.

I am very hard on myself when I just need to be chilled.  I love me.  Yeah, I get myself into some misadventures but I still love me.I have to start living my life for me and if you’re not on board bye. 

Truth is I think me and one of my friends are hitting a rough patch.  This person claims in passing I am acting different but I don’t think I am.  This person seems to be someone else all of a sudden.  I haven’t talked to this person in weeks and they act as if we are suppose to be chummy.  I need people who are going to be there for me.  I have been there for every last one of my friends, I should get the same treatment.  Depression check. Pregnancy check.  


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