Here’s the Deal!!!

Okay so here’s the deal.  Over the past couple of months I have been retaining a lot a fluids and weight.  My abdominal pain would happen in spurts, so I went to the doctors today.  How about my cyst on my left over has grown.  Yes, even. (so, the nineties paraphrase).  So instead of it being 6 cm it’s 8cm.  Hell am I dilating to have a baby?   LOL.  Let’s hope not.  She (my doctor) wants surgery.  Me I want to be able to be in control of my weight.

On the way back to the office, I got turned around.  How the hell I got turned around on 285 (which is just a big highway circle) is beyond me.  So I was conveniently off Cobb parkway.  I stopped at Borders because I am still in shock.  I am in dire need of a caffeine fix.

I go to the café section and there is the Greek god of love himself making coffee.  He had tattoos in all the right places and a smile to die for.  Unbelievably sexy.  I blushed.  I couldn’t look him in the face because he was so hot.  Unbelievable hot.  And then he took my order, hell he could have had me.  i order a chai tea latte every time I go , thou I forgot what it was at that moment.  He was so patient.  And then when he called my name for the latte I thought I was going to pass the out.  I almost dropped my coffee.  Ahhhhh.  I am usually not attracted to blond guys but he was the right amount of edge yet sophistication.  And he had confidence but wasn’t cocky. H-O-T-T!  Hot.

And then when I bought my book the guy at the counter gave me a discount, Borders can have my money any day with the service they gave me today. LOL

P.S. B I have not forgotten about the tag.  I am trying to upload the pic I took.  It will be soon promise.


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