My fake International Relationship

I had a fight with my fake boyfriend (the guy off the internet).  He said that I was not paying him too much attention.  Which I was not.  I told him this could be casual and nothing too deep.  Yes, I admit I have commitment issues.  Even if he was here in the states it would be the same way.  It would be touch and go.  Well he said that he purposely didn’t IM or email me to see if I would him, which I didn’t.  He said I wasn’t that in to him, which I am not.  It sucks playing international games.  So I delighted his contact information.  I don’t need any extra drama from someone who isn’t even giving me sex.  Hello.  My friend seems to think I a, being overly sensitive to the whole thing.  I just think I wasn’t that into him.  I don’t swoon easily.


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