What I Liked About Twilight the Movie

1.       Robert Patterson is actually hotter than I originally thought.  He plays a good Edward.

2.       I like the fact that Charlie and Bella ate out every meal, because I think it’s more realistic.  And it provided excellent scenery for the story and plot development.  I could imagine there being a café just like that one where he would go and eat.  Where everyone in the town would go and teens hung out at.

3.       The baseball scene was amazing.  I wanted to be adopted into the Cullen’s family immediately.  It showed a lot of their personalities.

4.       The scenes with the teens from Forks High were dead on the money.  Teens act like that.  It made me cringe to think that Edward would have to relive high school for eternity.  Yuck.

5.       Robert and Kirsten had chemistry to me.  It seemed like real love.  A first kiss being that painfully slow. LOL.

6.       I loved Rosalie’s shoes.  They were perfect in the kitchen scene.

7.       The adaptation from book to screen was excellent.  The banter was appreciated and welcomed.  Meyer’s book had a more serious undertone to it, but the light hearted remark from the movie was appreciated.

8.       The pace of the movie was good.  It reminded me of a waltz.  It told a story in its own time and dimension.

9.       I love Edwards couch in his room.

10.   The cast was racially diverse which was cool.


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