Can I have what she’s having? X3

I do not feel pretty.  I know I am not hideous but I do not feel desirable.  I want to see Twilight the movie again.  This would be my third time.  It’s not the best movie ever; however I am intoxicated with the love story.  I want someone to love me and be there for me.  I don’t pit myself out there to meet guys because I do not feel my best.  I feel fat and old looking.

The fat thing will be taken care of in due time.  I have surgery scheduled for December 8 to remove my polyp and 8cm cyst.  All is well though.  My monthly gift has yet to show but whatever.  I don’t care.  So hopefully within the next two months I will lose a good amount of weight.  If the weight does not melt off I am going to run before work.  I love jogging.  Simply love it.

Old looking, no matter what female friend I go out with I am asked if I am her mother.  How are guys going to mack on me if they think I am their mother or I give them that vibe.  How?  I am twenty six years old but men seem to think I am like in my thirties.  It’s such a yuck factor.

These two are what’s hindering from finding a man or going after one


6 responses to “Can I have what she’s having? X3

  1. You want guys to “mack” on you, lol! I think you are dating yourself.

  2. BW- What do you mean dating myself?

  3. Who uses the word “mack” now hun? LOL.

  4. from your little icon pic, you look beautiful. :]

  5. Thats the only downside of twilight. I LOVE the love sorry, but every time I read it or watch the movie I think “I will never find someone like that.” Very depressing if I do say so myself. But I just have to shrug it off and tell myself that if I did find my “Edward” he wouldn’t be as hard on me as I am on myself. Don’t know if that makes sense…but we are loved for who we are, not who we want to be. Its all about the confidence.

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