100 Things About Me- Pre 2009

  1. My favorite color is pink
  2. I was president of student government my senior year in high school.
  3. I did not learn how to drive until I was twenty-three
  4. My favorite animal are wolves
  5. My style is a mixture of girly, classic, and comfortable.
  6. It took me six years to get my bachelors degree, for various reasons.
  7. I have only had one boyfriend.
  8. I am more spiritual than religious
  9. I have never been in love.
  10. I played the violin for over three years
  11. I can cook, but I usually don’t like to.
  12. I have over thirty filled journals in storage bins from the past six years.  What can I say I hit the journal hard after high school.
  13. I aspire to write several books.
  14. I don’t know what I want to do with my life.
  15. All I do know is that it has to involve creating and serving the public.
  16. I talk to much, yeah I am a gabby.
  17. I am multiracial, even though I don’t look it.  Cherokee Indian, white, and African American.
  18. I am planning to have a breast reduction.
  19. I am often very lonely.
  20. My sign is an Aries, but I should have been a Cancer.
  21. I cannot hold onto a grude
  22. Novelty appeals to me
  23. My worse fear is failure as a person.
  24. I gravitate toward strong people.
  25. On gender personality test I always come out androgynous.
  26. I do not wear makeup; I think it makes me look like a clown.
  27. I own less than ten pairs of shoes
  28. When visiting new cities I love to go to museums.
  29. My favorite Disney movie is Lilo and Stitch.
  30. I want to visit Paris, Prague, Milan, Venice, Calcutta, New York, Prince Edward Island, New Orleans, Tokyo, and the
    Ivory Coast.
  31. My cartoon movie right now is Over the Hedge.
  32. My favorite sesame street character is Zooey.
  33. Self professed Control Freak
  34. I always dream in color.
  35. I cannot hold liquor
  36. When I work, I work very hard.
  37. I was a girl scout.
  38. I use to collect Generation X and Gen 13 comics
  39. HP- All the way.  Seen all the movies and read all the books.
  40. I would like to bungee jump one day.
  41. Currently I do not have a best friend.
  42. I’m not patient
  43. I have a above average IQ.
  44. Salmon is my favorite source of protein.
  45. I am diplomatic
  46. I want to get into graduate school for Master Public Administration concentrating in non-profit administration.
  47. I hate cleaning.
  48. I love Starbucks for the ambiance.
  49. When I volunteered as a Stage Manager I actually like it.
  50. I do not care for kids.
  51. I have a four year old godson.
  52. If I could I would live in jeans
  53. My car does not go over 80 miles per hour.
  54. Cranium is my favorite board game.
  55. I use to be all environmentally aware.
  56. When I was younger I wanted to be a bounty hunter.
  57. I still remember the baton routine I learned taking only four months of classes.
  58. I have a allergic reaction to latex
  59. Target is my favorite store right now, some even include Starbucks.
  60. My favorite junk food is Oreo cookies.
  61. Any white sauce I like: sour cream, whipped cream, tartar sauce
  62. I do not like wearing long sleeve shirts.
  63. I’m obsessed with smelling good, because I was the stinky kid in elementary school.
  64. I was born in
    North Jackson, Alabama.
  65. The only stitches I have gotten have been in my mouth and my forehead.
  66. I almost sliced my finger in half in high school, I have a nasty scare.
  67. I’ve got an obsessive personality
  68. I talk in my sleep
  69. Denny’s is my favorite place to eat.
  70. I worked at McDonalds for six years.
  71. In 2005 I made up my mind that I will no longer work there.
  72. I got two different jobs in 2005.
  73. I am a feminist.
  74. My name was Tashya Carlina Evans, before my mother got married.
  75. I had a grunge phase.
  76. I’m a pack rat.
  77. Veronica Chambers is someone I aspire to be like.
  78. Oprah is overrated.
  79. I love creating lists. Ummm
  80. Chocolate was my all time favorite dessert until vanilla yogurt ice cream came into my life in 2006.
  81. I use to take myself way to seriously.
  82. I am becoming more confident with everyday that passes.
  83. I have had eight teeth abstractions, four root canals, and I have a whole lot more dental work to go.
  84. For four years I shared a room with my younger brother. (drove me nuts)
  85. I like stability.
  86. My bra is a G cup.
  87. I use to be scared of African American women.  (I am one, how funny is that)
  88. I speak Spanglish
  89. I always use honey to sweeten my tea.
  90. It took 24 years for me to realize its not the quantity it’s the quality. 
  91. I expect more out of people, because I am really too self-critical of myself.
  92. I’ve learned to stop judging.
  93. I do not like rude or mean people.  If it’s unintentional that’s worse.
  94. I’ve never been a balanced person.
  95. I get my hair done every week.
  96. Both sets of my grandparents are still alive.
  97. Recently I have been having trouble waking up.
  98. I’m a tense person.
  99. External noise bothers me.
  100. This list took way too long.

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