Home- Day 3

The past three days have been boring.  I have lounged and slept way too much.  I am retaining water which is not cute.  And I am currently reading Confessions of a Shopaholic.  I have ran out of supplies, food supplies that is.  I have this frozen fruit crap which I am considering eating.  I have decided to live my life more.  I want to do something more creative, I love helping people but I want to do something creative.

I envy the people who sell stuff on esty.com, but I don’t know what I could sell.  I love drawing but I cannot make jewelry or sew.  All I know is u want to do something creative for money, lol.

I have not decided how much I will blog this year, last year I posted something every day.  I think less reflection went into most of posts because I posted every day.  I think I would also want more of a social life, but a social life costs.  Then I think second job, which I am going to make happen.  That are sell stuff on etsy.com, if I could find something to wear.


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