My 6 Bad Habits

v  Buying lunch out.  I don’t know what it is about going and getting lunch that just makes my day.  When make food it usually doesn’t go well for me.  Simply I don’t like eating my own cooking.  It doesn’t taste right, but I am going to try hard and eat my own cooking.  Bestie suggested making things that I love to eat.  Does anyone have a good recipe for honey chicken?

v  Chai Tea Lattes.  I love them and they are tasty.  I found a decent substitute for three dollars a box, which I got another drinker to try.  If the water is steaming hot and you add a little more than the package requires it tastes similar to Starbucks.  Similar.  Something is different though.  But I am going to limit my professionally made lattes to twice a month and I am adding it in to my grocery budget.

v  Magazines. I love them.  I love the glossy pages, bullet point self help articles, and the pictures.  They are all over my room.  I tried to narrow down this obsession but I can’t.  I am going to subscribe to the magazine I just have to touch,

v  Clutter.  I have clutter everywhere.  I am not a minimalist by any means, so I don’t know what I am going to do about the clutter.  I have so much stuff and I like my stuff but I know everything is not being used.  I am going to make it a point to cut down some of buying and take stock in what I have.  Then the dreaded word PURGE.

v  My love of gay guys.  Guilty pleasure.  Most of them take care of their bodies, are fashionable, can cook, and smell good.  And they comfort me.  Hugs and kisses on the forehead.  I think me being so infatuated with loving them I have forgotten how to interact with straight men.  I have to push myself out there to meet more straight men.

v  Not taking care of my health.  Working on it.  Don’t judge.


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