25 random things about me

1.       I’m anti super bowl

2.       I’m nosy

3.       Minimalist I am not.  I like a lot of things.

4.       J-lo addict.

5.       I’m a girly girl.  It’s hidden behind things but oozes out from time to time.

6.       I love sweet potato pancakes.

7.       My mother had me when she was 16.

8.       Favorite perfumes are Chanel 5, Juicy Couture

9.       I love men’s bums.

10.   I am mostly moody.

11.   I don’t like champagne

12.   Putting on makeup makes me feel like a clown

13.   I want to write a book but I don’t have the patience

14.   I’m a little sensitive

15.   Nothing about a salad appeals to me

16.   I care about everything.

17.   I have a mild reaction to corn and plantains

18.   When I was younger I gave up cheese after I saw how it was made. 

19.   And to this day I cannot drink milk out of the glass due to the video.

20.   On vacations I can’t sit still.

21.   Vegas was the worst vaca ever.

22.   I haven’t worn a dress in ten years.

23.   I want to have a baby before thirty five.

24.   I’ve been having dreams of high school since my reunion is emerging.

25.   I don’t want to regret anything in life but I do live cautiously. 


2 responses to “25 random things about me

  1. I’m anti superbowl too!
    Journals are books.
    What about taco salad?

  2. i meant a novel. U like taco salad not me.

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