I Believe In . . .

·         Stepping up when you did something wrong

·         Small acts of kindness

·         Random acts of kindness

·         Treating everyone the way you would want to be treated

·         Dress the way you want.  Fashion can be overrated.

·         Thinking about others for a change, it takes everyday stresses of your life off you.

·         Always learning.  It’s continuous. 

·         Giving back to the community

·         Having some alone time

·         Indulging a little every day.  Life is short.

·         Going to little kids birthday parties when invited.

·         Creating everyday

·         What doesn’t kills you makes you stronger.  And all that jazz.

·         Finding your own beat and rhythm to sway to

·         Love.  Even though it’s complicated and sometimes seems scarce. 


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